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EDI Service

Tired of wasting time keying orders and managing messy emails? Looking for easy connection with trading partners and quick order processing? At SCS Solutions, we deliver proven EDI service that enables quick and simple onboarding with trading partners, faster transaction fulfillment, and improves operational efficiency.

Centralize Data

Once you become EDI-compliant, all your data - purchasing orders, invoices, advance shipping notices - will be organized and kept in one place. You can access and manage transactions with ease.

Increase Security

With our EDI service, processes are automated, and trading partners can exchange documents and orders via secure connections. This minimizes risks and provides a complete audit trail, ensuring that your company is ready to meet industry compliance standards.

Reduce Cost Of Operation

SCS Solutions up-to-date EDI connection automates order flows and lets trading partners exchange documents and messages directly, reducing paper expenses and unnecessary labor costs.

Faster Transactions

No human, no paper involved. Our pre-wired EDI solutions allow transactions to happen within minutes instead of days using paper-based or email methods of transferring documents. This greatly benefits both you and your partners.

Finally, It’s Much Easier Than You Think

At first glance, you might feel overwhelmed with all the seemingly complicated EDI rules and regulations to manage. With SCS solution full-service EDI, you can have a smooth and pain-free onboarding experience since we’ll take care of all the headaches for you.

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