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Our Story

Over the past decades, digitalization has made some tremendous influences on the way businesses are operated, posing several new challenges to logistics and inventory management. Businesses demand a quicker, more seamless way to communicate and monitor the movement of goods and information.

In 2018, SCS Solutions was founded with a vision to empower our clients with the most comprehensive solutions for supply chain management. Driven to deliver outstanding results, we went from simply offering EDI service to developing innovative integrated SCM solutions. Let us end your daily struggles with easy EDI connection and compliance to trading partners, instant data transferring and end-to-end visibility into your business operation. We constantly push the boundary of supply chain management and collaborative technology, and redefine how you can operate better supply chain.

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Meet Our Leadership Board

Toan Nguyen
Chief Executive Officer
Vu Nguyen
Chief Financial Officer
Duc Ly
Chief Customer Experience Officer
Chuong Pham
Chief Business Strategy Officer
Thin Do
Product Manager
Khang Nguyen
Business Consultant
Sy Vu
Engineering Manager
Minh Nguyen
Engineering Manager
Vuong Bui
Engineering Manager
Toan Huynh
Technical Lead
Long Vu
Technical Lead
Ha Tran
Head Of Human Resource