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Want to reduce transportation cost and save time but can't find a good solution?

With SCS-B, you can find the best quotes, book, and monitor your shipment with just a few clicks. No more sweating over finding trustworthy carriers within

Rating And Scoring Carrier

Automatically calculate the score and rank the carriers using a set of criteria so you can easily pick the best match for you.

Shipment Booking

Enable easy comparison between carriers so you can pick the best quotation, then make payment for the shipment based on various parameters including time, location, detailed of items, and other services options.

Shipment Tracking

Detailed information about on-going and past shipments are available. This feature provides a clear picture of the transportation process, which helps determine if the carrier is good for long-term partnership


All past transactions are organized and stored in Invoice Module, allowing you to effectively manage monthly invoices paid to each carrier service.

Intensive Report

This feature offers a variety of filtering options, allowing you to schedule and generate different types of reports based on different business needs.

Claim & Feedback

You can use this feature to send feedbacks about the shipment, report any incidents happened such as damaged or missing goods, invoice issues and claim standard compensation


FAQ module gives you access to information needed to understand how the system works. In case you're unable to find the documents you're looking for, you can directly contact support service via this feature.

Your Trusted Partner In Growth

  • Renewable FREE Trial: Keen to try out SCS Solutions application suite for FREE? We offer renewable 30-days trial. You won’t not be charged any setting up or EDI transaction fee. Once the 30-day period ends, restart your trial for another 30-day usage for free.
  • Competitive Price: Enjoy low upfront and EDI transaction costs. By leveraging offshore resources, we’re able to provide you exceptional integrated supply chain solutions at a fair and competitive price
  • 24/7 Support: We offer much more than just IT support. Our team can provide you full-service support from IT infrastructure maintenance to project support, features customization or data backup. Don’t hesitate to get in touch when you have any question.
  • Save Time & Resource: With our carrier network, we’re able to offer the best price and shipping mode combination, helping you save time and effort researching on your own. SCS-B also give you the flexibility with different transportation mode and carrier mix. No more wasting time researching, you can confidently ship your order and focus on higher quality tasks.
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