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Have you ever questioned the efficiency of your inventory management?

In fact, most businesses realize their inefficiencies might stem from the warehouse. There are a lot of unnecessary running around: wasted time looking for things, risky systems, unpleasant surprises. And the solution isn’t as simple as hiring more people. It’s more about finding a scalable solution that can improve inventory accuracy and efficiency

Bill of lading

Support fulfillment process by enable manual entry or electronic transferring of warehouse purchasing order (EDI 940) from retailers.
Allow you to easily manage orders, generate and print out product labels, barcodes and picking lists.

Pick & Pack

Support efficient prepping process: from picking the right items, optimizing box quantity to securely packing, sealing and labeling the goods for shipping.


Helps the operation team prepare shipment by choosing carriers, scheduling pick-up time and location.
Closely monitored orders with live updates on locations and status of the shipments.

File Maintainance

Automatically store and organize master subjects in WMS such as Customers, BillTo, ShipTo. Enable easy cross-reference to trading partners' master data.

Product Benefits

  • Cost saving: avoid unnecessary expenses using computer-to-computer data exchanging. SCS WMS can help you easily reduce material and labor cost on manual tasks, improve data accuracy by 30-40% and streamline your inventory management process.
  • Enhance visibility: Real-time tracking and centralized data enable full transparency and control into the movement of inventory across multiple warehouses.
  • <Improve accuracy: Non-EDI transferring requires lots of labor effort and hence, allows room for inaccuracies and loss of data. With EDI, up to 40% of transactions with errors are reduced, which enhance the overall data quality.
  • ERP integration: SCS advanced EDI solutions makes it easier to connect with trading partner. Our system supports integration with different ERP and back-office systems. This way, you can simplify business processes by synchronizing order information across platforms.

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